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Candle Care

Answers to common questions and troubleshooting guide.

General Candle Care

To get the most out of your candle and to keep the burning candle experience as safe as possible, it's important to follow these basic steps in candle maintenance.

  • Keep the melt pool free of foreign debris including wick trimmings. 

  • Do not add additional fragrance or colorants to the candle.

  • An open flame needs to be closely monitored. Never leave your burning candle unattended.

  • Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours.

  • On the first burn, do not extinguish candle until the melt pool as reached the side of the container. This will help keep your candle burning evenly with each relight.

Keeping a trimmed wick helps reduce smoke, soot, and wax discoloration. It also helps maintain the integrity of how the wax melts and fragrance release!

Cotton Wick

  • Trim wick to no more than 1/4 inch before lighting. 

Wood Wick

  • Trim wick no more than 1/8 inch before lighting. 

  • Remove black parts of wick before lighting.

Common Questions

Why is my soy candle lumpy looking after it's been lit for the first time?

  • This is a completely normal and natural behavior of soy wax! When the candle is blown out and the melted wax cools (usually quickly), the wax has a tendency to ripple, dip, or look lumpy. Rest assured, this event does not effect how your candle will burn the next time it's lit!​

Is Paraffin toxic when burned?

  • We use high quality paraffin wax in some of our candles. According to modern research, burning a paraffin candle is no more "toxic" than burning a natural wax candle like soy, palm, or coconut. 

Why is my wood wick not staying lit?

  • Wood wicks are notorious for being finicky! More often than not, keeping a properly trimmed wood wick solves this problem. 

Wick Care

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